We Are Delighted To Support Relocations To Ottawa Area For:
    •    New Jobs
    •    Federal government
    •    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    •    Military and more!
We work hard to make your move to The West and Downtown Ottawa Area a smooth, seamless transition.  We love this fantastic region with it's amazing parks, trails, museums, festivals, food and more.  We know what it is to move with our own families; finding and making a new home.  It's our pleasure to work hard providing you with the service we would hope to receive ourselves.
Send Us A Message Now and We Will:
    •    Contact you right away to discuss your situation and what would make you most happy in your new home.  From neighborhoods, commuting routes, schools, parks and more we will listen and share our information and experience to help you as much as we can.
    •    Provide you with detailed maps on different areas of the city including school information, public transportation, recreation facilities, grocery stores, restaurants and social amenities.  
    •    Assist you with B&B, hotel or apartment reservations as well as car rental and great eats for your home hunting trip.
    •    Pick you up and show you the amazing places that we think you would love to call home after listening to your dreams and doing our homework.
    •    Work exclusively with you, within the time frame you have, to find you an amazing new home! We will be available, work hard and care about you and your family.
    •    Help you settle in by sharing all resources we have and will find.      
    •    Assist with any pre-move appointments at your new home before you arrive

Let's get started now!  Tell us how we might be able to help you by Texting 613-451-2743 or emailing JackieBrophy@gmail.com